Open letter to the Bangles – re: Eternal Flame

Dear Bangles,

Bangles circa 1989

The Bangles - the world's most inquisitive band

after 22 years of hearing Eternal Flame on the radio and, more recently, on my wife’s stereo, I finally have some answers to your questions.

1. Yes, I can feel your heart beating. This is because after I closed my eyes and gave you my hand, you put it on top of your chest.

2. Yes, I understand. You feel very strongly about me but I have to keep my hand over your heart and not go the grope or I’m going to luck out again.

3. I probably don’t feel the same as you because you seem to be having a fairly intense moment whereas I am trying not to move my hand on fear of death.

4. I’m pretty sure you’re not dreaming because you’re asking far too many questions for someone who is asleep.

5. I don’t feel an eternal flame but you might want to get yourself checked out for acid reflux.

Now, can we quit with the questions and just eat dinner like a normal couple?

Thank you.

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