Great Grand Finals involving the Sydney Roosters

The Eastern Suburbs team of 1975. You'll find them on the St George list.

Now that I’ve given St George the treatment, it’s only fair that I also profile some great Grand Finals involving the Eastern Suburbs, um, Sydney City, ah, Sydney Roosters.

29 August 1908 at Agricultural Society Ground: South Sydney 14 Eastern Suburbs 12 – The first ever final was weakened by players from both sides having already left for the tour to England.

30 August 1919 at Agricultural Society Ground: Balmain 13 Eastern Suburbs 4 – Not strictly a grand final as there were no finals in 1919, but the top two teams, Balmain and Easts, just happened to meet in the final round. Les Wall kicked 5 goals for the Tigers.

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Great Grand Finals involving St George

The 1965 St George team - not on this list

With the 2010 National Rugby League Grand Final on this Sunday evening, I thought this presented a good opportunity to look back on some of the great rugby league Grand Finals that St George or, more recently, St George-Illawarra has been involved in. There are no points for picking the common theme in these matches.

17 September 1927 at Sydney Showground: South Sydney 20 St George 11 – Made the Grand Final after winning the wooden spoon in 1926 but lost to Souths on a quagmire.

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The Why of Travel

I haven’t quite worked out why it is that I want to travel. Most people I know who have travelled did it because they wanted to see something new or because they wanted to have an adventure. To me, it seems like an awful lot of hard work and inconvenience just to satisfy some vague sense of curiosity. Adventure has never really been my strong suit either.

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In Praise of the KingRoo Socceroos Shirt

Socceroos shirt 1990-1993

This was the shirt of the Australian football team from 1990 to 1993. It was made by a company called KingRoo.

The accepted position among Socceroos fans is that you are not supposed to like this shirt. According to them, you are supposed to be embarrassed by this shirt. When former captain Paul Wade appeared on Santo, Sam and Ed’s World Cup Fever during the 2010 World Cup, he wore the shirt to demonstrate that he still had it because no opponent ever wanted to swap shirts with him.

Well, I would like to call to order the first meeting of KingRoo Anonymous. My name is Daniel and I like this shirt. In fact, it’s one of my favourite sporting shirts ever. I like that it’s abstract and complicated. I like that it isn’t just block colours or stripes. I like that the size of the recurring pattern was greater than the size of one shirt so that not every shirt was the same design.
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Might as well JUMP

Ulrike Meyfarth

YouTube is great for taking trips down Nostalgia Lane. I stumbled upon one of my earliest sporting memories earlier this week: the women’s high jump final at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

I remember watching this on a Saturday in Newcastle (Australia) which means the event would have been held on a Friday evening in LA – and no, I don’t know whether I was watching a live broadcast or a replay. If someone happens to have a complete Track and Field schedule for the LA Games, feel free to let me know what the deal was.

Anyway, I forgot the name of the West German high jumper almost straight after watching the broadcast. I just remembered that she had curly blonde hair and had an eagle on her singlet. Some years later, I bought a book that reviewed the LA Games and had to ask my Dad how to pronounce Ulrike Meyfarth (is the surname really pronounced as MAY-fart?)

Sara Simeoni

I always, however, remembered the name of Sara Simeoni. I also remember that the Australian TV commentator pronounced her surname as Simeon for the whole competition. For years afterwards, I mistakenly thought that an ‘i’ at the end of an Italian surname was silent. That’ll teach me for trusting commentators on commercial television.
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Whither Trakai Island Castle?

Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania

This is the Trakai Island Castle blog. I have named my blog after Trakai Island Castle in Lithuania because I would like to go there someday. You can find out about the castle from here, or possibly here, or maybe even here.

I don’t really know what Eastern Europe is like. When I was very young, I had some general impression that these countries were Communist and that was bad because you weren’t allowed to be a Christian there. I was 12 when the Berlin Wall fell and the communist systems were dismantled. It was probably then that I first entertained the notion of going to Eastern Europe one day.

I also had my attention grabbed by the two things that usually grab my attention: sport and music. Countries become a lot less unfamiliar and scary once you’ve seen their footballers or hammer throwers or cellists… or Eurovision entries.

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